Live Steer Sale

Live Steer Sale


Entry to the Sale is free, sales company reserves the right to refuse entry by any lot for any reason. There are no additional advertising fees.

All animals must be registered with the breeds registry and have been parent verified. All entries must be registered as Fullblood or Purebred in status.

All entries will have tattoo’s/ Tags or brands identifying them to their registrations

Steers of any age are accepted, with the minimum exception of 10 months of age. Any Fullblood or Purebred registered Steer 10 months of age or older.

Any cattle with a “pending” registration number still unconfirmed by sale date will be a scratch from the event. There will be a $100 fee on any scratched entries.

Pictures or Video of the entry are a must and need to be submitted no less than two weeks prior to the sale date. Of course, the earlier the better.

Sellers are encouraged to include any scan records or data if available on the lot. Likewise a bio on each Steer being offered will be displayed in the online catalog, help us “ paint a picture” of what this carcass should finish out to be for the buyers !

Each lot entry must specify current feed program of the entry ( ex: grass only , full feed etc..) If

the entry is a fat Steer, please provide history of the feedout. If the Steer is fed on a known proprietary feed program please include the name.

Sellers are encouraged to send in any “grading pictures” of previously harvested siblings or flush mates that might be available.

Approximate weights are submitted at the time of entry, however an actual scale weight is required 14 days prior to the sale. Scans as well may be provided right up till sale time.

** Steers are sold with most recent weight listed in the lot bio , however they are not sold by the LB. They are sold by a single bid for the animal as a whole ( 1 X times the money ). Same format as all other live animals on the site. **

All Steers will sell via the internet from their “home” location, by entering this sale all sellers agree to obtain any health certificates and shipping papers necessary for Buyers to make arrangements to have their cattle shipped. All sellers agree by entering their lots that they will assist the buyers in getting their Cattle loaded and shipped`. All shipping will be at the BUYERS expense.

All Steers entered must be okay both physically and health wise for interstate travel.

All lots that sell, will pay a 10% commission to Buyers may of course make payment with Credit cards and these fees are absorbed by the sales company. All sellers will receive 90% of their gross sales figure.

Sellers proceeds are distributed to the Seller as soon as received by the sales company ( less 10% ). Sellers need not wait for all Lots (in the sale) to make payment to receive funds , only the lots that they themselves sold.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at



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