Select Frozen Genetics

Select Frozen Genetics

The “select” sale will allow both buyers and sellers to purchase or sell genetics that are of the highest merit. To be offered in one of our “select” events the lot must be approved and considered to have higher than normal “breeding merit” by the sales company.

This can mean exceptional maternal family ancestry and/or Sires that are proven either of EBV’s that have been documented or via a long-established history of carcasses provided. Although progeny or genetics of entirely unproven sires may not be accepted, the sales company in its discretion will allow sires or progeny/genetics of those sires who have shown a history of above average use in productive herds. This meaning a Bull that has several hundred registered progenies may be accepted. Also, if the consignor can provide detail that a young sire (newly established) has “select” genetic worthy info, despite limited numbers, the sales company will allow entry.

Bidders should buy with confidence at these sales events as all lots will have merit to benefit any program.

Buyers can read more about EBV and breeder indexes on our “modern day genetics 101″ link below.




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