The International Frozen Genetic Event

The International Frozen Genetic Event

About The Wagyu International

The Wagyu International is designed to allow breeders worldwide to offer their frozen genetics for sale to fellow breeders all over the globe.

There is no cost to enter lots in the International and the Sales company is only commissioned if lots sell. (Please see rules and entry form for official rules).

The International will allow for the exchange of genetics and branding to be on display on a worldwide stage. Unlike other sales events that may have “select” conditions, this is an open event for all breeders in the below countries to participate.

We encourage both buyers and sellers to prepare well in advance, by making sure your lots are exportable and created with export options readily available for international buyers. All entries in the International will be denoted as to which country they may be imported into from there existing country of origin.

If you are a serious breeder of Wagyu, the International will allow you the opportunity to reach out and “tap” genetics not readily available in your current location. Join us for our upcoming first event this Christmas week 2020!


The International Frozen Genetic Event

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